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"It did not seem to be moving left or right, it just drifted up into the clouds before disappearing," Mrs Barlett said.

She said that she had no idea what this object could have been, but she did rule out that it was a kite because there was absolutely no wind that day.six video to watch..

Another witnesss, Leonard Cattley, spotted a similar UFO (perhaps the same one) on the same day and said: "It was hovering for at least 15 minutes so we got a very good look at it, if it was a kite it would have been huge."

A strange object crashed over Finland last week, which some say is so big that it must be of extraterrestrial origin.

The video below shows this massive object as it crashes through the atmosphere above Finland in a fearsome wave of fire & debris. To big for space junk, but possibly a meteor - another possibility is that this is a UFO crash. six video Evidence of military action against UFOs is apparent on NASA mission STS-48 and it is possible that a similar event has occurred here swxy photos

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